Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Sponsor Programs

Vermont Act 79 established the Vermont Municipal Collections, the most convenient (for residents) and cost-effective (per mile) in the USA. The Vermont E-Cycles Program was heralded in 2012 as one of the best in the country. This program is now available, voluntarily, at municipalities and schools in MA, NH, and RI.

Thanks to Good Point Recycling and Our Collection Partners!

Good Point Recycling and participating manufacturers work together with the Northeast Resource Recovery Association  in MA, NH, and RI, and with NCER in Vermont, to provide “turn-key”recycling programs for Electronics Manufacturers. Our programs are popular, involving dozens of communities and non-profits with whom we have worked for ten years.

I’m a manufacturer, interested in the “Opting Vermont Independent” plan:

Currently, the Vermont ANR obligates Original Equipment Manufacturers to use a “negative check off” system, where the OEMs are automatically obligated into the state plan if they don’t “pre-opt-out” before “opting out” of the ANR State Plan. This program is closed until 2018.

I’m a Vermont collector, choosing between the ANR Statewide Plan and the “Opting Vermont Independent” plan:

Opt Out Plans are closed to Vermont municipalities for 2016-2017.

OEM Stewardship

Legislation in several states obligates Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to pay for a share of costs for e-waste recycling. Good Point Recycling has extensive experience in state contracting and legislative compliance. We have developed our own contract system for managing different manufacturers’ policies and end-markets.

In 2017, Good Point Recycling is entering into a new program with the Northeast Resource Recovery Association of Epsom, NH, to “share costs” with traditional municipal governments. Participating manufacturers allow municipal sites to put their old devices into a “sponsored” or “free” box. NRRA will bill only the non-covered devices to the municipality, who may use one of four certified recyclers (including Good Point Recycling). This program will eventually be converted to a “coupon” recycling program, available across 50 states.

Coupon Program:  We distribute coupons for manufacturers interested in direct contact with residents (who are given a “free recycling” coupon wherever there is a fee for recycling). The unit is bar-coded and tracked at our facility, and it is directed to any destination that the OEM approves of. Like a “redemption center”, Good Point Recycling has the capacity to implement multiple brands and multiple policies and a diverse system of certifications and compliance.