We reward clients who don’t scavenge. When the loads come in as is, we know how to find reuse markets for roughly 10% of the products. The revenues from reuse lower the costs of properly recycling the bad items.
The “bad items” are demanufactured — taken apart, screw-by-screw. Tough CRTs are usually outsourced to one of the state contracted CRT glass recycling companies. We only send CRT glass to companies under state, federal, or OEM contract. Our end markets are contractually bound, preferably with the weight of an Attorney General behind the contract.
The “good items” generate 10 times or more the value of scrap. They are sold to repair and refurbishing houses, or to the original manufacturing factories worldwide.

Ethical E-Waste Recycling

  • No export for disposal EVER!
  • Quality clean recyclable commodities — steel, plastic, metal, glass.
  • Domestic recycling of hazardous CRTs. We only send to companies governed by Attorney General contract.
  • Most respected exporter nationwide.

Repair and Reuse

In 1980, there were 100,000 TV repairmen in the USA. Today it is a lost art. But the remaining repair-people in the USA need cheap parts to survive. And overseas, repair of technology is the equivalent of an engineering job in the USA. It is the value of the good and repairable items that “piggy-backs” exports of e-waste overseas by unscrupulous companies.

We fly technicians from other nations to share their experiences directly between buyer and seller. There is a reconciliation report on every load, which is received and used as a QA/QC report for our staff screening goods for functionality. There is mutual respect. Repair jobs are good jobs, but they cannot be an excuse to send “Toxics Along for the Ride”.

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Recycling for Raw Material

Good Point creates jobs by paying people to separate “the wheat from the chaff.” In sorting or triage, we separate reuse items from junk. In demanufacturing, the junk itself is separated — by removing dozens of oddly made screws — and sorted to commodity grade. All of our demanufactured material — plastic, steel, glass, aluminum, lead, etc. — is traced to its final destination, for quick audit by clients at any time.

Some recyclers have invested in shredding machines to separate these materials, and it is an honorable effort. While machines may learn to tell aluminum from copper, they cannot tell a 1 Gig stick of RAM from a 32 Meg stick of RAM. Good Point staff create value by preserving it. We organize bulk rates at the CRT processors and make sure that we are not paying to destroy good material. We share that value by charging you less than a shredding company and by creating jobs in Addison County and beyond.

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