Our parent company, American Retroworks Inc., has been a consultant to national, state, and international governments. We offer complete cradle to grave accounting of regulated material. We provide online a statement of our qualifications, including resumes, reports, and trade history.

Good Point Recycling was one of the first companies to earn “Responsible Recycler” certification by independent outside audit.  We also offer “a la carte” recycling contracts meeting the specifications of other recycling standards, including the “stewards” program.  We never rely on prison labor or illegal exports.

Good Point Recycling (American Retroworks Inc) is an official Massachusetts OSD statewide contractor (FAC110) for 2020-2025, official Vermont E-Cycles contractor, NRRA.net vendor, and is fully certified and insured.


Organizations Using Our Consulting and Expert Advice

  • Memorial University
  • MIT
  • Pontifica Universidad Catholic Peru
  • USC
  • Sony
  • US EPA
  • CBS 60 Minutes
  • BusinessWeek
  • EPA Factsheet
  • National Recycling Coalition
  • WR3A
  • US General Accounting Office
  • Massachusetts DEP
  • University of Massachusetts
  • SWIX
  • NERC
  • ISRI
  • Quora

Published Consulting Reports


Annually audited to ISO and Responsible Recycling standards

Currently ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified

Fully Bonded and Insured

Pollution Insurance

Partner with NAID Certified Bay State Shredding